31. May, 2017
Belgian companies not enough protected against cyber-attacks

More and more cyber-attacks occur every day, the latest ransomware WannaCryptor infected more than 230.000 computers all over the world. However Belgian businesses are not aware of the dangers, even though there are simple ways to keep their data safe and to avoid the loss of important and confidential files….

18. May, 2017
Skydoo keeps you safe with Bitdefender

Last week the dangerous ransomware WannaCryptor infected more than 230.000 computers all over the world. The malware is very dangerous for businesses because it only needs to target one employee’s computer to spread in the entire network without any user interaction. Many anti-malware solutions were not able to protect computers…

30. March, 2017
How to protect yourself against ransomware

Ransomware, one of the biggest IT security threats of 2016, will remain one of the most important dangers in 2017. With these programs the data on a computer can be encrypted and is therefore made inaccessible for its owner. Hackers usually attack individuals or organisations and ask for a ransom…

15. March, 2017
IT security tips March – Password rules

A strong password is essential in order to secure our online profiles and data. However for many of us it is more important to have a password we can easily remember. That’s why numerous people use simple passwords including real words or basic combinations of letters or numbers, moreover they…

22. February, 2017
Information technology – what a small business really needs

IT management and cybersecurity are important issues for every entrepreneur – especially in small businesses these topics are essential but often neglected. Unlike big companies smaller enterprises often don’t have an IT department or a responsible person. Therefore it is not easy to deal with IT-related issues. The question that…

8. February, 2017
Digital Transformation – don’t miss out

Our economy has never been more digital and will never be less digital than now. Business models and processes have to be adopted to the digital transformations more often than ever, especially small companies can have problems to keep up with every trend. We at Skydoo tried to point out…

25. January, 2017
IT Security Tips – January

2016 was a good year for hackers all over the world. Security breaches, stolen user data and even hacked elections; not even one day without hacking news passed by. If you think the creators of malware, viruses and phishing software are taking some time off after this successful year you…

29. December, 2016
Have You Been Hacked? Six Signs of a Security Breach

Nowadays there is a very high risk that your business’s networks or computers are targeted by hackers. Even though you already might have implemented various security measures, you have to remain vigilant. Your system could be corrupted without you even realising it. One out of two SMEs is already hacked…

20. December, 2016
The Question isn’t “What?” but “When?”

According to Kristof Van der Stadt, the editor-in-chief of Data News, it isn’t hard to predict megatrends when it comes to technological developments. The question is rather: “How fast will these changes take place?”Van der Stadt refers to: Cloud, Big data, Mobile, IoT, Machine and Deep Learning, AI, VR/AR, Data analytics, Disruption….

29. November, 2016
Why Web Design Should Be Your Marketing Priority

Are you underestimating the impact your website can make? Consider the fact that your website is your online business. There are more people that will possibly visit your website than your actual location. Make this first online impression count! A well-designed, interactive and useful website says a lot about its…

24. November, 2016
IT Security Tips November

Keeping viruses and malwares at bay is a real challenge! Guaranteeing that your company’s network and computers are virus-free and safe, however, is not only a matter of technology but also a matter of awareness. Technical measures, like setting up a firewall and installing an anti-virus software, are not enough….

14. November, 2016
Outsourcing: Teamwork is the Road to Success

Outsourcing, what does it involve, and is it successful? According to the 2016 IT Outsourcing Study for Belgium and Luxembourg, outsourcing is helping many businesses reach their full potential. Conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with Vlerick Business School, the study looks into companies’ motivations for outsourcing, the efficiency of…

21. October, 2016
Proud sponsor of Royale Union Saint-Gilloise

It is official. Skydoo is proud to be a sponsor of Royale Union Saint-Gilloise – one of the most successful football teams in the history of Brussels and Belgian football. Due to our special partnership we can invite our clients and partners to selected games to enjoy the great atmosphere…

21. March, 2016
How to protect yourself against Trojans

Disguised as an invoice, an application or a fax, the Trojan (Locky, TeslaCrypt, Cryptolocker or Cryptowall) finds its way via email or as a drive-by download into your mailbox. It ultimately encrypts all your data and demands a ransom. The Trojan runs over word files, Javascript, batch files or PDFs…

8. March, 2016
The importance of a mobile-friendly website

If you haven’t optimized your website for a mobile-friendly usage yet, you should do it right away as it has a major impact on the Google ranking of your site. As more and more websites are accessed from mobile devices, Google has changed its search algorithm last year. Hereby, font…

25. February, 2016
Are you protected against current threats?

The Crypto-Trojan Locky is making the life of businesses difficult. Camouflaged as an invoice, an application or a fax, it’s tricky to distinguish the infected email from normal ones. By opening the email attachment, not only local data is being infected by the encryption of Cloud Services, but also released…

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