Have You Been Hacked? Six Signs of a Security Breach

Datum: 29. December, 2016

Nowadays there is a very high risk that your business’s networks or computers are targeted by hackers. Even though you already might have implemented various security measures, you have to remain vigilant. Your system could be corrupted without you even realising it.

One out of two SMEs is already hacked

According to research from HSB, one out of two SMEs has already been hacked and most are not able to restore all lost data.

In case you are unsure whether you have the right security solutions for your company’s IT security or if you recognise one or more of the signs of a security breach listed below, we are happy to help you. You can contact us by phone or email; our IT experts can analyze the situation and offer you a perfectly adapted solution.

6 Signs Your Network Might Have Been Hacked

  • Your computers and Internet connection are slower than before. This could be a sign that your machines are sending out traffic. Your computers could also be infected with viruses or malware.
  • Suspicious activity: If your computer opens programs that you don’t use or haven’t used for a while or if it doesn’t respond the way you are used to, you are either dealing with a technical problem or with an infected network. The same goes for unusual computer activity such as autonomous starting or rebooting.
  • Re-directed websites and pop-ups can also be a sign of a hacked network or computer. These actions should not be taking place, especially if you are using an ad-blocker.
  • You can’t access your accounts even when using the correct user name and password. This is the most obvious sign something is very wrong. In this case you have to act right away.
  • Your antivirus is deactivated without you turning it off. The problem is that many employees don’t check if the antivirus is running, so this problem can stay undiscovered for a relatively long time.
  • You have new apps you did not install. It is likely that a hacker somehow got access to your computer and installed an app to extract information or to damage your system.

If any of the signs mentioned above sound familiar to you, there might be something wrong with your computer or network. Nowadays it is not enough to buy a low-cost anti-virus program, you need an expert by your side. We can help you with all your IT concerns.


Sources: Business News Daily and Vanguard

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