Information technology – what a small business really needs

Datum: 22. February, 2017

IT management and cybersecurity are important issues for every entrepreneur – especially in small businesses these topics are essential but often neglected. Unlike big companies smaller enterprises often don’t have an IT department or a responsible person. Therefore it is not easy to deal with IT-related issues.

The question that often comes up is the following: What does our company really need and which tasks should be outsourced to a trustworthy partner? We at Skydoo answered this question for you.

The basics

The most important functionalities that have to be guaranteed are first constant access to all the important data for all your employees, partners and clients and secondly a frictionless flow of communication and office procedures. Additionally all your data and communication has to be protected 24/7 from IT security threats such as malware, phishing or other attacks.

So what do you really need?

  • Hard- and software with reliable remote access including a company network and servers
  • Functional peripheral devices (f.ex.: printers)
  • Mail services with an archiving and anti-spam solution
  • Firewall and antivirus as well as a reliable backup solution to keep your network and computers safe
  • CRM tool to keep track of your customers and all the relevant information
  • Accounting and logistic software – for example Winbooks
  • A well-structured, informative and accessible website
  • Maintenance of all the above mentioned solutions

Outsourcing? Yes, but with the right partner

When it comes to IT management you have different choices. You can either deal with it by yourself which certainly consumes a lot of your time and prolongs your probably already very long days. Additionally not every business leader has the needed knowledge. Another option is to hire a part-time or full-time employee which is the most reliable however as well the most expensive solution.

Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider like Skydoo on the other hand is a cost-saving solution that allows you to focus on your core-business while your IT is in the hands of an external expert taking care of a frictionless flow of your communication and business procedures.

If you partner up with Skydoo your biggest advantage is that you have one contact for all your IT related issues. You can choose which of the above mentioned services you need, that way you have full control of the costs.

Your employees are the key

Even though you might have an external partner your employees are the key to secure and functioning IT processes. Educate your employees and raise their awareness. We already pointed out the importance of this issue in our previous article IT security tips of the month November.


Sources: Small Business Computing | Business News Daily

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