Digital Transformation – don’t miss out


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Our economy has never been more digital and will never be less digital than now. Business models and processes have to be adopted to the digital transformations more often than ever, especially small companies can have problems to keep up with every trend. We at Skydoo tried to point out the most important steps to undertake and obstacles to overcome with a focus on small business.

  1. 1. The strategy: Focus on digitalisation but don’ forget your customers.
    Digitalisation should not be seen as a threat but rather as an opportunity – the question is not whether or not to engage in the digital world but how. The most important thing is to not start acting without having a clear vision and strategy. When it comes to digitalisation the customers are still the most important factor. The questions you should ask yourself are the following: How did the behaviour of my customers change due to the digitalisation? How can I reach out to my customers using digital channels? How can I improve my products or services implementing digital tools? How can I create added value for my customers? Etc.
  2. 2. Get a partner with expertise and use the right digital tools.
    Once you have found your strategy you can start to put it into practice. Due to limited resources and time however it is almost impossible for smaller companies and organisations to take care of the digital transformation without a partner. It is essential to have someone on your side to implement the right digital tools and provides you with ongoing support. One of the biggest opportunities of the digital age is the possibility to communicate and interact with (potential) customers in more efficient ways. A professional website, mail services, CRM or digital management tools as well as the right IT security measures are therefore important factors of your future success.
  3. 3. Start to collect your customer’s data and use it.
    Nowadays your customers produce more data than ever. It is all out there you just need to collect and use it. Let’s take a simple example: If you have a small shop you can think about implementing customer cards to gather information about their consuming behaviour. A CRM system can help you to use the collected data in order to create special offers and communicate in a more suitable way. In any case you have to start collecting your customer’s data and use it to your advantage.

Why is it so important to keep up?

  • Don’t lose your customers just because their behaviour changes. With a website and the right office management tools for example you can stay in contact and better understand your clients – anytime and anywhere. With the right analysis you can always offer them what they need even though their behaviour and preferences are constantly changing.
  • Don’t let your competitors outpace your business. Have a look at what your competitors are doing. Both new digital native competitors as well as conventional ones implementing digital business processes and solutions can give you an idea of what you have to focus on.
  • Grow your company with new markets and new channels.
    Since our economy gets more and more digital there is a huge potential for growth. New digital services, products or business models can therefore open doors to new customers, entirely new markets or simply new channels.

The digital transformation is concerning every sector. An IT partner with a wide range of services is therefore essential, especially for small businesses, who can have problems with implementing digital solutions. Skydoo can help your company with IT, mobility and web solutions. Don’t fall behind your competition and contact us to stay on top of the game.

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